24" 2 Tier Wall Mounted Liquor Display Bar Shelves w/ Wine Glass Rack

  • $279.00

Brand: Customized Designs

Color: Black


  • Customized Design's one of a kind NeXus LED Remote Control lets you create custom color changing programs directly on the remote
  • Want to show off your favorite sports teams colors? Want to program holiday colors for a party? With the NeXus remote the options are limitless!
  • For Commercial & Home Bar Use
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Includes easy to install wall mounting bracket & hardware


2 Tier LED Illuminated Bar Shelves w/ Wine Glass Racks

Our led liquor displays with integrated wine glass racks are the perfect way to display both your wine and liquor collection along with a place to put your wine glasses. These shelves have hidden slots underneath the display for the base of the wine glass to fit into.

The holes are 3 1/8" in diameter and the slots are 1/2" wide so be sure to measure your wine glasses to ensure the base is under 3" and the stems are under 1/2".

Dimensions: 9" D x 8.25" H x X" L

Solid Construction
-All of our bar displays are fabricated with cabinet grade MDF and laminated with a post form counter top grade laminate to hold up to the harshest commercial environments

Lifetime Warranty!
-All of our products include our lifetime guarantee!

What's Included
- LED Lighting & Nexus Controller
- 12v UL Listed Power Supply
- Standard Plug
- Rubber Feet
- Lifetime Warranty

NeXus LED Lighting Features

-User Created Color Changing Modes
With most LED Remote controls you are given a generic fade sequence that will fade through every color. With our NeXus remote you can create custom fade programs which allows you to program in only the colors you want to see. You can program your favorite sports teams colors or even make holiday programs. With the NeXus LED remote the options are endless which means your home bar liquor display is sure to impress!

-User Created Static Colors
-16 Preset colors
-4 Preset color changing modes
-Dimming control
-Speed control