36 PCS IPX7 Waterproof Led Lighting Flashing Multi-Color Liquid Sensor Ice Cube Lights for Bar Club Drinking Party Wine Wedding Decoration

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Brand: Suplionx

Color: colorful


  • ❤️1.Please kindly note We only sales by Suplionx Official Store ,never authorized any other seller to sales this product, In order to avoid your losses, please choose our Suplionx Official Store to check out ,thank you !Led Ice cubes shape design with multi-color LED light inside for beautiful illuminating and enhance romantic amazing atmosphere at home, bar or clubs
  • ❤️2. FDA certificate report NO.CTB171016006C ! This Led Ice Cube Made from high quality clear acrylic plastic, each piece size:1.1x1.1x1.1 inch , filled with non-toxic freezable gel, safe material that can be even put into your water/drink glass cup for lighting up(Without cooling function)
  • ❤️3.MSDS certificate report NO.CTB171016006C This Led Ice Cube are liquid activated - the LEDs automatically switch on when placed in water and off again when you take them out.(Note: Once talking it out from water, please use cloth or tissue to dry the sensitive point--Stainless steel 304 screws & battery for reusing)
  • ❤️4.These Led Ice Cubes Without flame, wax smoke or mess, perfect for wedding, party, bar, club, champagne tower and other holiday decoration with amazing looking in dark atmosphere .
  • ❤️5.These Led Ice Cubes are battery-powered,no chemical changeor non-toxic, each one comes with batteries already fitted, but batteries are NOT replaceable(It can be light up about 40-60 hours)


36 Pieces IPX7 Waterproof Led Light Flabshing Multi-Color Liquid Sensor Ice Cubes for Drinking Wine Wedding Party Decoration Product details: 1. 36 pieces led ice cubes,Random Color (purple, white, green, red, blue, yellow and rainbow color) 2. Made of food grade plastic and filled with non-toxic freezable gel. 3. 40 to 60 hours battery life, or more. Batteries are Not replaceable. 4. Waterproof to be able to put in any drinks and fish tanks etc, there will be no any chemical reaction. 5. Ice cubes light,the appearance likes the ice really, luminous in water with high brightness but not dazzling. 6. It's better to buy more than what you need,if you want to build Champagne Tower,for a instance,5 floor triangle tower,you'd better buy 4 sets (48 ice cubes). Frequently asked questions: 1.Q:How can I light up the ice cubes? A:The ice cubes are Liquid sensitive,it will light up when you put it in water or drinks.When you take it out,dry it and it will stop glowing. 2.Q:Is it safe to put it in the drink? A:Yes,it is made of Food Grade plastic and it is safe to put it in drinks. But please note that do NOT put it in high temperature hot drinks. Package Content: 36 x Led Ice Cubes(Random Color ) Attention 1: Hand wash with warm, soapy water before using After taking the ice cubes out from the liquid, please use cloth to dry the sensitive point as soon as possible for longer batteries life For safety, don't swallow the ice cubes. Avoid to put it into the high temperature drinks Attention 2 : This product is not edible.
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